Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dan Rather's lawsuit upheld dismissed ...

It looks as though Dan's lawsuit being dismissed was an open and closed case. Mr. Rather had just not had his contract renewed after it ended, as their (CBS) nightly news show was third in the rankings after many years. That alone is all that is needed to refuse to re-negotiate a contract. He was also offered a pretty highly paid "office" with no role in producing and reporting the news, which he turned down. I like his fight and I wish there was some osrt of Dan Rather clause in some law somewhere when it relates to employment contracts for major media reporters and producers and the largest national broadcasting companies, but in the end I'll bet
you that there is some truth to people's speculation that his often coy liberal bias in reporting a story, where the script handed to him is even biasedly bent towards telling a very neutral or misleadingly blandly vague on content story. Kudos, Mr. Rather. You've inspired me greatly.
As for the reporting on W's National Guard record, and the possiblity of a link between that reporting and your contract not being renewed, all I can say is there is your Truth to tell, to
win the hearts and minds of the smarter Americans who understand what's going on in the world and believe in you, and need you .... to tell it from the mountaintop."

Google getting into the energy business ...